Bioinformatics Laboratory

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Polaris Science and Technology ParkMolecular biology and cell biology have not only revolutionized diagnosis, therapy and prevention of human diseases but have also greatly contributed to the understanding of their pathogenesis. On the other hand, by means of high-throughput technologies, it is now possible to analyze thousands of genes or gene products simultaneously, resulting in a deep characterization of individual profiles. The study, integration and analysis of these data increasingly allows to unravel the genetic mechanisms and networks underlying complex biological phenotypes paving the way for an era of “genomic medicine,” in which new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to common multifactorial conditions are emerging.

In the above context, our research is directed towards the development of new computational models for the management and integration of high-throughput datasets.

Our research activities are tightly integrated with an advanced genomics facility platform providing cutting-edge technologies for high-throughput analysis and next generation genomic approaches and are supported by the CRS4 leading High Performance Computing centre. The CRS4's Bioinformatics laboratory has access to large clinical sample sets and genomic data and closely collaborates with hospitals to support clinical researchers in translating basic research findings into clinical applications.